Seeking Tax Expert to Contribute to New Blog


Seeking tax expert to submit articles on retirement tax issues for new blog. Backer created many tax publications and sold them to Thomson Reuters.


Interested in  topics like this:


Tax efficient strategies for complying with the IRS Required Minimum Distribution requirement from IRA's and 401ks.i.e. Does it make more sense to pay more taxes now to avoid paying a lot more taxes later?

The difference between taxes in retirement than when one was working full time 

In dealing with a required minimum distribution, should I consider an in kind transfer rather than liquidating the account or how should I set up new investment accounts to better account for my time horizon, changed tolerance for risk etc. 

Are there tax issues that I might be surprised about such as the medicare surtax?

Estate Planning issues. 

Gift exclusion-how state estate tax regimes are faring in the face of changes to the federal tax





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